The Mount Edgcume, Tunbridge Wells The Mount Edgcume, Tunbridge Wells Front Elevation The Colour House works strictly to Health and Safety laws. The use of scaffolding ensures not only the welfare of our staff but enables work to be carried out to the highest standard. This project was a great as The Mount Edgecumbe is one of the best known buildings in Tunbridge Wells. Decorating in Tunbridge Wells doesn't get better than working on one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture. 200185059 Side Elevation Preparing Georgian sash windows takes a lot of time and care. Done correctly, the final finish is truly amazing. The correct use of products on all woodwork is imperative if the end result is going to last for years. Set on Tunbridge Wells common this building is open to all the elements all year round. The Colour House use the very latest paint systems to ensure a long life span. 200185060 Front Window This is one example of a front window prior to the work The Colour House undertook. 200185061 Carpentry Work The Colour House work with all other trades. All external tradesmen we work with are the very best with years of experience. 200185062 Rear Elevation The Colour House team take huge satisfaction when the scaffolding is removed and the final finish stands proud for all to see. The red tiles really stand out now against the newly painted white semi-gloss windows. A great view when walking over Tunbridge Wells common. 200185063 Rear Elevation The rear of the building was really worn and tired. The splendour of the Georgian symmetry looks amazing. The Colour House are very proud of this recent painting project. 200185064